Design Brief

Through intense research and a collaborative process amongst the students, the conceptual design was articulated for the new gathering space in the Aldinga Arts Eco Village, in the first weeks of the workshop. The design consists of two sweeping gestures which come together to form a central gathering space. At the heart of the gathering space is a fire pit, as a central defining feature.

The design of new gathering space is largely influenced by the notion of a bicultural perspective to landscape, culture, and people. The rich Aboriginal history and culture of the Kaurna people is interwoven with the culture and ethos of the Aldinga Arts Eco Village community. The conceptual design strives to celebrate a positive and progressive relationship between the two cultures through appropriate, sensitive, and timely architectural form.

The two elegantly sweeping gestures making up the form are imbued with layers of meaning, significance, and cultural and environmental sensitivity. The gestures speak of the duality of cultures, past and present, male and female, life and death, and permanence versus ephemerality, among other things.  The gestures appear to emerge from the landscape and return to it, as a means of celebrating history, time, procession, and the fluidity of life, as well as appearing as a formal representation of lightness on the land. A perforation pattern in the panels of the gestures further expands on the notion of lightness on the land and integration into the landscape, promoting a connection to the surroundings, and allowing for views, light, and climatic elements to flow in and out of the space.  The two gestures also allow for dual entry into the gathering space, which further relates to the procession of Aboriginal storytelling and to the idea of a journey through life, within and across cultures.

The two gestures are of differing heights to provide for adequate wind shelter on the south/south-west side of the site and to allow for winter, and year-round, sun penetration on the north/north-east side of the site. In addition, the two heights of the gestures offer visual interest and allow for the dark interior colour of the panels to emerge when viewed from the lighter, outside perspective.

A predominantly natural material palette, consisting mainly of timber, was selected for the project as it further reinforces the concepts of cultural and environmental sensitivity, as well as appropriateness to place within the Kaurna landscape and in the Aldinga Arts Eco Village Community.

Please see below for a link to the comprehensive conceptual design package.

Concept Design Package

Please click on the link below to be directed to the design concept package, as presented at the neighborhood group meeting on Thursday, March 6, 2014:

approach render 3

Concept render: Approach

interior render 2

Concept Render; Interior

Night Render (1)

Concept Render; Night Exterior

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